Membership Weight loss Program PRicing

Program Cost

Thin solutions is a membership weight loss program that requires an initial consultation with our medical providers to ensure you are a candidate.

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Initial Consultation/Medical Visit

Our initial consultation requires a one-time payment of $149. Our medical providers will conduct an in-depth discussion about your health and wellness. We will evaluate how your body is functioning, what your individual goals are, and how we can help you achieve the maximum benefit. If labs are needed an additional fee of $99 may apply. Book directly online, by phone or by email at [email protected].                     

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Weight Loss Membership

Our monthly weight loss membership is $399 per month and is an affordable way to reach your weight loss goals. It includes weekly medical follow-ups, ongoing five-pillar lifestyle coaching, and a weekly *GLP-1 medication injection. (*Additional monthly fee of $150 will apply in the rare event a Member will need more than 5.3mg of medication per month.)

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Maintenance Program Option

This maintenance program tier at only $199 per month is for members who have reached their weight loss goals and require ongoing support and a monthly dose of medication. Many patients find weight loss success in and/or simply enjoy the weekly follow-ups and check-ins. You have the option to continue your lifestyle pillars and keep your medical provider coaching with this membership plan!

Real Results By real People

Experience the benefits of sustainable medical weightloss with help from professionals. 

“After years of trying various weight loss methods, I’m glad that I found a program that is both sustainable and healthy. I definitely recommend it, my results are noticeable and I feel great!”

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The initial consultation is only $149 to find out if you ar an ideal candidate for our weight loss program

Virtual Consultations Available (Telehealth)