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Jillian Simon

Nurse Practitioner

Jillian Simon is available at our Oakdale location and for Virtual Visits.

Kay WillIams

Nurse Practitioner


Dr. Merlin Brown

Thin Solutions Rx Creator

Since graduating from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1990 and finishing his residency in 1993, Dr. Merlin Brown has been an internist in the Twin Cities. Ever since he was a small child he always liked bioscience. His parents were both nurses so he was exposed to the medical field while he was growing up and always knew that he wanted to be a doctor.

“I feel that in order to be a good doctor, I have to be well-educated, certified, and up on all the latest advances in my area, which I am,” says Dr. Brown. “I also have to make sure that I use this information and knowledge in a very personable, non-judgmental way with my patients so I can implement my recommendations in a way that is not intimidating to the patient.”  Dr. Brown does not run his practice with time restrictions which is why his patients say that he actually listens to them and takes them seriously. 

Patients appreciate that they can think out of the box and combine what he calls “evidence-based medicine” (standard medicine) with “alternative medicine”. “I treat patients that have problems; I don’t just treat ‘the problems’”, says Dr. Brown.  

Dr. Brown is located at our Edina office.

Why Us

Thin solutions was founded on decades of medical experience assisting patients with weight loss. Our program is designed to support you in losing weight and keeping it off. Semaglutide weight loss is more than just taking a medication weekly, it requires subtle lifestyle changes and incorporating our FIVE Lifestyle Pillars. Our medical providers are here for you to lean on. During your weekly coaching sessions you will be able to understand how to lose the weight and keep it off.

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